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plastic enclosure manufacturers | 3D Printer Housing - Rotational Molding Services
plastic enclosure manufacturers | 3D Printer Housing - Rotational Molding Services

Are you looking for a plastic enclosure manufacturer? Whether you’re onshoring production or designing a new enclosure for a medical, commercial, or industrial application, Gregstrom is ready to help. For over 75 years, our Made in USA manufacturing company has been helping product designers turn their ideas into reality. We specialize in rotational molding and offer value-added services.

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Why is rotational molding used in plastic enclosure manufacturing?

Rotational molding is a cost-effective way to produce strong, hollow plastic products that are functional and attractive. Compared to injection molding, another plastics manufacturing process, rotational molding has lower tooling costs. If you’re designing a plastic enclosure, you’ll also like how rotomolding supports quick tooling modifications.

Depending on the project, rotomolding tools can range from simple two-piece sheet metal molds to multi-piece aluminum molds with articulating features. This plastics manufacturing process also supports various rotomolding materials, including LLDPE, HDPE, and polypropylene. For electrical or electronic enclosure, static-dissipative polyethylene may be used instead.

Does rotomolding support molded-in inserts for plastic enclosures?

Yes. Moreover, because rotomolding is a low-pressure process, it reduces the risks of molded-in insert breakage that is associated with high-pressure processes such as injection molding. There are some things to keep in mind, however. First, the insert material must be chemically compatible with the plastic that will be molded. Second, the insert must be able to resist deformation at molding temperatures.

Although injection molding guidelines may advise against using undercuts, rotational molding supports these protrusions or indentations that are parallel to a mold’s parting line. In fact, for best results, the insert is shaped to provide undercuts into which the plastic material can flow. The plastic is melted and forms around the insert, locking it into place.

Why choose Gregstrom as your plastic enclosure manufacturer?

Gregstrom makes rotomolded plastic enclosures in various sizes and has the technical knowledge and application experience to add value to your project. Unlike some other plastics manufacturers, we offer design assistance, finishing, and product assembly services. At a time when so many manufacturers are reshoring operations, it’s time to bring your plastic enclosure manufacturing home with Gregstrom.