Design Assistance

Plastic Part Design Assistance

Plastic part design assistance from Gregstrom means getting the expert advice that you need for your heavy-gauge thermoforming and custom rotational molding projects.

Plastic part design assistance from Gregstrom promotes the structural integrity, manufacturability, and performance of your thermoformed and rotomolded parts. To support your designs, we accept most types of CAD files. Examples include STEP, IGS, and DWG files from AutoCAD and SolidWorks.

As an experienced provider of custom rotomolding and heavy-gauge thermoforming services, Gregstrom can identify design problems, recommend solutions, and suggest improvements that save you time and money. So let us help you finalize your part drawings and ensure that your molding or forming project runs smoothly. Don’t settle for just another supplier when you can pick a true manufacturing partner.

Rotomolding Design Assistance

Custom rotational molding can be complex, and some rotomolders emphasize the advantages while ignoring the limitations. Gregstrom Corporation has the experience to ensure that your part designs follow the guidelines for success. We also have the integrity to tell you if a part drawing is problematic.

Gregstrom wants to meet your expectations and provide you with a consistent supply of thermoformed and rotomolded parts. Working to avoid problems such as bridging and cracking is just some of what we do. The design assistance we provide also supports cost-effective rotomolding by identifying potential problems before production begins.

Thermoforming Design Assistance

Gregstrom Corporation also provides thermoforming design assistance that’s honest and experienced. So whether you need custom rotomolded components or heavy-gauge thermoformed parts, you can count on our tooling project manager and manufacturing team to strengthen your plastic part designs.

Plastic Part Design Assistance

For nearly 70 years, Gregstrom Corporation has been providing design assistance to companies like yours. To learn how our plastic contract manufacturing services  can add value to your application, contact us on-line or call (781) 935-6600.