Three Reasons to Use Rotational Molding for Your Next Plastics Project

Rotational Molding Services - Equipment
Rotational Molding Services - Equipment

Rotational molding is a plastics manufacturing process that can produce hollow parts in various sizes, colors, and textures. It also supports features, such as tapers and undercuts, which can be difficult to injection mold. Rotomolding offers part designers many advantages, but its low tooling costs, part quality, and part strength are especially attractive. Keep reading to learn more, and contact Gregstrom for a rotational molding quote.

Low Tooling Costs

Compared to plastic injection molding, rotational molding is a relatively low-pressure process. Consequently, rotational molds can use less expensive materials like cast aluminum and sheet metal instead of hardened steel. Rotational molds don’t need coring or cooling, and the molding process doesn’t require secondary tooling either. Because of its low tooling costs, rotational molding is cost-effective both for prototyping and production.

Part Quality

Rotomolding produces plastic parts and products with excellent surface details, including color, texture, and finish. Compared to other plastics manufacturing processes, rotational molding can also maintain a more consistently uniform wall thickness and part weight. In addition, rotomolded parts are virtually stress-free. Because it’s a relatively low-pressure process, rotational molding minimizes cross-sectional deformation, which can result in defects like warpage.

Part Strength

Finally, rotational molding can produce strong plastic products. For example, metal inserts can be molded in for integral supports. Rotomolding also supports the creation of ribs, and rotomolded parts can have thicker outer corners than injection-molded ones. In addition, rotational molding can produce plastic products, such as tanks and bins, with a sturdy double-wall construction. Rotomolding even enables designers to replace heavier and more expensive metal parts with lighter and less expensive plastic ones.

Ask Gregstrom about Rotational Molding

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