Assembly & Testing

Plastic Contract Manufacturing Company

Plastic assembly and testing services from Gregstrom Corporation add value to your custom rotomolding and heavy-gauge thermoforming projects. Ask Gregstrom how project management, inventory management and final assembly, and testing, packaging, and shipping solutions can help.

Plastic assembly and testing adds value to your projects. From project and inventory management to plumbing and electrical testing, packaging, and shipping, we add value to your operations. We’re more than a leading custom rotational molder and heavy-gauge thermoformer. We’re also a contract manufacturer that can help your business succeed as a virtual manufacturer.

Project Management

As your project management partner, Gregstrom can manage your purchases of materials and keep up with your sales forecasts, engineering changes, and production schedules. Because our family-owned business has nearly 70 years of experience, we know how to apply time-proven processes to help you achieve your business objectives.

Inventory Management and Final Assembly

Gregstrom’s inventory management and final assembly capabilities include finished goods, product assemblies, individual components, and spare parts. Ask about our Chemical Feeder Project, and how we mold plastic tanks, form parts, and purchase and assemble all of the electrical and plumbing components. For critical, fully functional products such as water purification systems and parts washers, you can count on Gregstrom every time.

Testing, Packaging, and Shipping

With our testing and assembly services, Gregstrom offers solutions that are more cost-effective than shipping components individually during different stages of assembly. Ask how we test pool chlorinators to NSF / ANSI 61 standards, and how we provide CSA electrical testing for heaters in parts washers.  Gregstrom can also manage domestic and international shipments of your finished products.

Plastic Assembly and Testing Services

For nearly 70 years, Gregstrom Corporation has been forming and molding plastics at our Made in the USA manufacturing facilities in Massachusetts. To learn how our plastic contract manufacturing services  can add value to your application, contact us on-line or call (781) 935-6600.