Vacuum Forming

Vacuum Forming

Vacuum forming services from Gregstrom means cost-effective plastic parts. Ask Gregstrom to create custom vacuum formed plastic parts for your next project.

Gregstrom Corporation uses vacuum forming services to create plastic parts that support quick-startups and efficient prototyping. The simplest type of thermoforming, vacuum forming heats a plastic sheet until it become pliable, stretches the material onto a mold, and then uses vacuum pressure to obtain the desired part geometry.

Advantages of Vacuum Forming Services

Vacuum forming services control costs while promoting quality. Temperature-controlled aluminum tools are not required, and wooden patterns and epoxy tools also help control costs. In addition, vacuum thermoformed parts can be used to replace sheet metal components that require finishing operations such as grinding.

Applications for Vacuum Formed Parts

Gregstrom can create many different types of custom vacuum thermoformed parts for you. Examples from our portfolio include:

  • Medical instrument case assemblies
  • Medical instrument cases and covers
  • Taxi tops
  • Printer assemblies

Choose Vacuum Forming Services You Can Count On

For nearly 70 years, Gregstrom Corporation has been forming and molding plastics at our Made in the USA manufacturing facilities in Massachusetts. To learn how our plastic contract manufacturing services  can add value to your application, contact us on-line or call (781) 935-6600.