Rotational Molding for Industrial Applications

Rotational Molding - Industrial Applications
Rotational Molding - Industrial Applications

Rotational molding for industrial applications produces high-quality plastic parts. Examples include rotomolded manifolds, mufflers, and tanks.

Rotational molding for industrial applications

Many manufacturers would like to replace metal parts with plastic ones, but only if the plastic components meet requirements for cost, quality, and compliance. Metal parts are durable, but they’re also heavier, more expensive, and subject to rust and corrosion. Thanks to rotational molding services, however, manufacturers can choose plastic parts that meet all of their specifications.

Why Use Rotational Molding for Industrial Applications?

Rotational molding is a manufacturing process that produces plastic plastics parts in a variety of shapes, sizes, textures, and colors. Features for rotomolded parts can include undercuts, multiple walls, molded-in hardware, and graphics. At Gregstrom Corporation, our rotational molding services include Mold In Graphics, a permanent way to mark, decorate, brand, or label your plastic parts.

Rotational Molding for Plastic Manifolds

Plastic manifolds can replace metal parts, but rotationally molded manifolds for industrial equipment must be dimensionally-accurate and leak-proof. Plastic manifolds may be exposed to different fluids and pressures, and expansion and contraction rates vary by material type. When choosing a rotational molder then, it’s important to pick a plastic manufacturing company that understands your specific application requirements.

Rotational Molding for Plastic Mufflers

Plastic mufflers reduce noise from industrial equipment and can replace more expensive metal components. Rotationally molded mufflers aren’t just cost-effective, however. They’re lightweight and won’t rust. In manufacturing environments, these plastic parts are a good choice for applications such as air motors and air tools, compressors, pneumatic valves, and other equipment.

Rotational Molding for Plastic Tanks

Industrial applications for plastic tanks can include the storage of chemicals, fluids, liquids, and fuels. Rotationally molded tanks are also used in the bulk handling of soaps, detergents, and cleaners. Polyethyelene tanks and polypropylene tanks (poly tanks) are good choices, but the processing industry needs a rotomolder that can do more than recommend the right materials.

Rotational Molding Services from Gregstgrom for Industrial Applications

Gregstrom is an experienced rotomolder whose portfolio includes projects like plastic manifolds, plastic mufflers, plastic tanks and other components for industrial equipment. Are you a manufacturer who needs rotomolding services? Would you like to learn this plastic manufacturing technique compares to injection molding? For more information, contact Gregstrom on-line or call (781) 935-6600.