Plastics Certifications

Plastic Contract Manufacturing Company

Gregstrom Corporation sources materials and performs testing that meet CSA, FDA, NSF, and UL plastics certifications.

Gregstrom Corporation provides rotational molding services and plastic thermoforming services. that helps partners meet requirements for quality and safety. We understand the importance of certifications and are familiar with standards from regulatory agencies and industry organizations such as FDA, NSF, UL, and CSA.

Just as importantly, members of the Gregstrom team keep their promises. If you require materials that meet a specification, we’ll prove that what we purchased is what we promised you. As a Made in the USA plastic thermoforming leader, Gregstrom won’t outsource your reputation.

FDA Regulations and NSF Compliance

Gregstrom Corporation is ready to help makers of food processing, pharmaceutical, and medical equipment meet regulations from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). For example, by helping you select materials that meet guidelines for medical devices or packaging and food contact substances (FCS), we strengthen your supply chain.

For manufacturers who supply parts and assemblies for water treatment systems, using NSF 61 certified materials can be critical. That’s why Gregstrom will only recommend materials that are approved by NSF International for use with drinking water systems and swimming pool chlorinators. We understand NSF/ANSI 61 compliance.

UL Standards and CSA Testing

Gregstrom Corporation can also help you to select materials that meet requirements for flammability and electrical safety from Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). If your application involves flame resistance, UL 94 materials may be required.

With our complete assembly and testing services, Gregstrom Corporation can perform testing on components and final assemblies to CSA and UL requirements. With projects such as full-assembly pool chlorinators and parts washers, for example, our complete plumbing and electrical testing services add quality and value.

Plastics Certifications

To learn more how our capabilities with CSA FDA NSF UL plastics certifications can support your application, contact us on-line or call (781) 935-6600.