Videos from Gregstrom Corporation helps to explain our capabilities.

Plastics Videos – Thermoforming 101

Watch a brief, step-by-step demonstration of the thermoforming process.


Plastics Videos – Rotational Molding 101

Watch a brief, step-by-step demonstration of the rotational molding process.


Plastics Videos from Gregstrom

Heavy gauge thermoforming means larger sheet sizes, twin sheet forming, color matching, and a wide variety of plastic materials. Rotational molding offers plastic parts in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, textures, and colors with features such as undercuts, multiple walls, and molded-in hardware and graphics. For more information about Gregstrom Corporation’s rotomolding and thermoforming capabilities, please visit the Services section of our website. In addition to rotomolded and thermoformed parts, Gregstrom Corporation provides complete assembly and testing services.