Gregstrom Corporation is a custom rotomolder and heavy gauge thermoformer that meets all of your project requirements while building a lasting partnership. Visit our Resources to learn more about our capabilities.

Gregstrom demonstrates its capabilities by sharing Featured Projects, Portfolio Items, and digital resources like our rotational molding and thermoforming blog and technical videos.

Rotational Molding and Thermoforming Blog

Gregstrom’s rotomolding and thermoforming blog is where you’ll find resources such as expert advice and technical information about the the production of high-quality plastic parts. Topics in our plastics blog include custom rotational molding and heavy-gauge thermoforming. Additional topics include design assistance, tooling services, CNC and robotic routing, assembly and testing, and finishing and quality assurance.

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Rotational Molding and Thermoforming Videos

Gregstrom’s on-line resources include brief, step-by-step demonstrations of the rotational molding and thermoforming processes. Watch these videos on our website, or visit our YouTube channel. You’ll also find Gregstrom Corporation’s videos on Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter, too, and we’ll let you know when new videos are available. Since 1946, our Made in the USA manufacturing company has been a leader in custom rotomolding and heavy-gauge thermoforming.

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