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Gregstrom is a plastic parts manufacturer with complete assembly and testing services. Our portfolio of thermoformed parts and rotomolded parts demonstrates our experience and our expertise. What can we create for you?

Choosing a rotomolder or a thermoformer is a business decision. Molding and forming experience is important, but you also need a partner who understands your application requirements. Gregstrom Corporation’s project portfolio demonstrates our technical skill and industry knowledge. Review our featured projects, too.

Rotational Molding Portfolio

Rotomolding creates plastic parts like these in a variety of shapes, sizes, textures, and colors with features such as undercuts, multiple walls, and molded-in hardware and graphics.

Thermoforming Portfolio

Gregstrom offers three types of thermoforming services: vacuum forming, pressure forming, and twin sheet forming. Check out our portfolio of thermoforming projects.

Vacuum Forming Portfolio

Vacuum forming supports quick start-ups and efficient prototyping. These example are just a few of Gregstrom’s success stories.

Pressure Forming Portfolio

Pressure forming creates sharp, crisp lines and details; textured surfaces; and formed-in undercuts. Zero degree draft on sidewalls is possible.

Twin Sheet Forming Portfolio

Twin sheet forming produces hollow parts with details on both sides. Twin sheet parts are strong and lightweight, and can consist of dissimilar materials.