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Medical Laser Assembly - Pressure Forming Services

Medical laser assemblies need to meet multiple requirements. For this featured project, Gregstrom applied its pressure forming, quality assurance, inventory management, and shipping capabilities. How can we help you?

This medical laser assembly demonstrates Gregstrom’s rotational molding capabilities. Learn more about our rotational molding services.

This medical laser assembly proved a perfect match for Gregstrom’s pressure forming expertise, commitment to quality, attention to detail, and blanket order management capabilities. To ensure an uninterrupted supply of laser assemblies, we stock a minimum level of finished parts at all times. This allows for immediate releases, and in the quantities and frequencies required.

Pressure Formed Parts with a Mold-Tech Finish

Overall, the medical laser assembly consists of four pressure formed parts and internal sheet metal components. Female cast-aluminum tooling for 3 of the 4 plastic parts is acid etched with a Mold-Tech finish. This eliminates the need for paint and reduces part costs significantly. It also offers long term durability since there’s no paint on the parts that can chip.

Undercuts and Compound Radii

Gregstrom’s design and production expertise lends itself well to challenging projects. To form the undercuts and compound radii on the main housing, all sides of the tool are fitted with cylinder-activated sections. This allows for stripping the housing without scratching the part’s surface.

Medical Laser Assembly Surface Finish Requirements

Medical laser assemblies are used in healthcare settings, and need to meet cosmetic surface finish requirements. The central bezel is pressure formed in a polished female mold and features flame retardant, silver metallic effect sheet. The surface finish on this part is critical, and requires careful handling during forming and finishing of the medical laser assembly.

Pressure Forming Plus Finishing Services

The secondary operations for the medical laser assembly are complex, with intricate trimming following compound radii. Gregstrom performs this important finishing service with a state-of-the-art, six-axis robotic router. The project’s tight trimming tolerances are held to +/- .010”.

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