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Pressure Formed Parts - Pressure Forming Services
Pressure Formed Parts - Pressure Forming Services

Pressure formed parts are strong, detailed, and cost-effective. Learn how these plastic parts are made and used.

Pressure forming is a type of thermoforming that applies positive pressure and vacuum pressure to opposite sides of a plastic sheet. Pressure formed parts have lower tooling costs than injection molded parts, and can be used in place of metal parts or fiberglass reinforced plastics (FRP) in some applications.

Pressure forming creates plastic parts with a finely detailed appearance. Typically, these components have crisp lines, tight corners, textured surfaces, and other intricate details. Pressure forming also supports quick-turn prototyping and is a good choice for low-to-medium volume runs in a range of part sizes.

Pressure Formed Parts

As an experienced pressure former, Gregstrom Corporation uses pressure forming to produce plastic parts such as instrument housings, printer assemblies, and X-Ray scanners. You’ll find descriptions and pictures of these and other pressure formed parts in the Portfolio section of our website. Check out our Featured Projects, too.

You can also learn about pressure performing by visiting our Featured Projects section. The medical laser assembly was a perfect match for more than just our manufacturing expertise and attention to detail. To ensure an interrupted supply of laser assemblies, we stock a minimum supply of finished parts at all times.

Pressure Forming Services

For nearly 70 years, Gregstrom Corporation been rotomolding and thermoforming plastics at our Made in the USA manufacturing facilities in Massachusetts. To learn how our pressure forming services can support your application, contact us online or call (781) 935-6600.