Reshoring and Made in USA Rotational Molding

made in usa rotational molding
made in usa rotational molding

Reshoring is bringing manufacturing back to the United States from overseas. For U.S. companies, the advantages include reducing total cost of ownership, a concept that’s becoming increasingly popular as distant supply chains lose their flexibility. As more manufacturers begin to understand their true costs, they’re realizing that offshoring wasn’t such a good deal after all.

If you’re sending your plastics manufacturing overseas, you’re probably concerned about more than just on-time deliveries these days. It can be difficult to communicate with distant suppliers when there are language barriers and time zone differences. A global shortage of shipping containers, rising fuel costs, and bottlenecks at foreign and domestic ports are also concerns. The COVID-19 pandemic isn’t over either.

Made in USA Rotational Molding Starts Here

Made in USA rotational molding from Gregstrom can help you to reduce risks, control costs, and get more value from your supply chain. Rotomolding, as this process is also known, creates strong, hollow parts in a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures. Rotational molding also supports undercuts and features such as multiple walls and molded-in hardware.

With its low tooling costs and quick tooling modifications, rotational molding is a cost-effective way to prototype parts and produce them in low to high volumes. When you work with Gregstrom Corporation, a Made in USA rotational molder, you can also get the plastic products that need when you need them and without adding the unnecessary risks associated with distant suppliers.

Importantly, Gregstrom also adds value to your plastics projects. At our manufacturing facility in Woburn, Massachusetts (USA), our skilled team offers design assistance. That’s something you might not get when you work with an offshore molder that simply builds products from whatever is sent to them. We also provide quality tooling so that your rotomolded parts have the proper dimensions.

The benefits don’t end there either. Gregstrom offers plastic finishing, assembly and testing, and quality assurance services.  As a third-generation, family-owned rotational molder with 75 years of experience, we’ll apply what we know your behalf. As the Fourth of July approaches, declare your independence from the difficulties associated with offshoring. Contact Gregstrom for Made in USA rotational molding.