Rotomolded Boats | Rotational Molding Services

Rotomolded Boats | Rotational Molding Services
Rotomolded Boats | Rotational Molding Services

Gregstrom is a custom rotomolder with complete assembly and testing services. Our portfolio of projects includes plastic watercraft like rotomolded boats. What can we rotomold for you?

Rotomolded boats

This rotationally molded boat demonstrates Gregstrom’s custom rotomolding expertise. We understand that plastic boats for fishing, sailing, and other outdoor activities need to be durable, lightweight, weather-resistant, and virtually unsinkable. We also know that using colored plastics creates a UV-resistant exterior that is as tough as it is low maintenance.

Rotomolded Boats and Other Plastic Parts

Plastic boats aren’t all we can rotomold for you. Visit our portfolio to see more examples of how rotational molding from Gregstrom offers custom rotomolded plastic projects in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, textures, and colors with features such as undercuts, multiple walls, and molded-in hardware and graphics. You’ll also find examples of our thermoforming expertise.

Rotomolding Services for Your Next Plastics Project

Are you looking for a rotational molder for plastic boats or other custom rotomolded projects? For nearly 70 years, Gregstrom Corporation has been forming and molding plastics at our Made in the USA manufacturing facilities in Massachusetts. To learn more about us, contact us on-line or call (781) 935-6600.