Rotomolding is Replacing Metal Parts with Plastics


Rotational molding (rotomolding) is replacing metal parts with plastic ones in many industrial, commercial, and consumer applications. As a plastics manufacturing process, rotational molding or rotomolding creates strong, hollow parts with low tooling costs and quick tooling modifications. Rotomolding is ideal for both short-run and higher-volume production. The benefits don’t stop there either.

Rotomolded Parts vs. Metal Parts

Unlike metal parts, rotomolded plastics won’t rust and are corrosion-resistant. These plastic parts can also withstand outdoor environmental conditions better than many metals. Depending on the plastic, rotomolded parts can also resist high temperatures, wind and weather, and chemical exposure. Plastics also weigh less, which reduces shipping costs and promotes fuel efficiency.

In addition, plastic parts that are rotationally molded can last much longer than metal components. This reduces system maintenance and the cost of replacing parts in the field. When properly designed, rotomolded parts can match the strength of metal components. Yet plastic products also offer greater design flexibility. In some cases, it’s possible to replace multiple metal parts with a single plastic one.

Rotomolding Applications

There are many applications for rotational molding – and many instances where plastic parts can replace metal products. Examples include the plastic ventilation ducts in HVAC systems, leak-proof plastic manifolds that withstand fluids and pressures, and plastic mufflers that are used with air motors, air tools, compressors, pneumatic valves, and other industrial equipment.

Rotomolded plastic parts are also replacing metal ones in chemical feeder assemblies that integrate with chemical feeders, pool filters, and pumps. Plastics are also a better choice than metal for lightweight bins and pallets, point-of-purchase or POP assemblies, and housings for lawn and garden equipment. Rotomolding is also used to produce tanks, boats, spine boards, shopping cart parts, and parking lot and road barriers.

How to Replace Metal Parts with Plastic Products

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