Rotomolded Parts vs. Metal Parts for Light Weighting and Cost Reduction

rotomolded parts | Lawn and Garden Equipment Housing | Rotational Molding Services
rotomolded parts | Lawn and Garden Equipment Housing | Rotational Molding Services

Rotomolded parts can replace metal parts and provide benefits like light weighting and cost reduction. Rotational molding, a plastics manufacturing process, provides engineers with a choice of materials, including cost-effective polymers that are strong, impact-resistant, and lightweight. Compared to some metal fabrication processes, rotomolding can also speeds cycle times and can reduce production costs.

If you’re thinking about replacing metal components with rotomolded parts, contact Gregstrom and tell us about your application – or keep reading to learn more. As a Made in the USA rotational molder with over 75 years of experience, we’re ready to support your light weighting and cost reduction efforts whether it’s for consumer, industrial, or commercial applications.

Rotomolded Parts: Lighter Weight and Lower Cost

Engineers have been replacing metal parts with plastic ones since the 1950s, but the benefits of light weighting and cost reduction have not faded with time. According to an article from the American Society of Mechanical Engineering (ASME), manufacturers can expect to save 25% to 50% by replacing metal parts with plastic ones. With fuel costs and inflation at historic highs, those are powerful percentages.

Today, rotomolded parts are used not just in transportation-related applications, but in a wide variety of products. Examples include plastic tanks, bins, pallets, mufflers, manifolds, ventilation ducts, and equipment housings. As Machine Design explains, plastic parts last longer, resist corrosion, and have lower packaging and shipping costs. Rotomolded plastics include LLDPE, HDPE, static-dissipative PE, and PP.

Choose Rotational Molding from Gregstrom

Gregstrom is a value-added manufacturer that combines rotational molding with services that include design assistance, assembly and testing, CNC and robotic routing, plastic finishing, parts decoration, and quality assurance. Featured projects such as a Heineken draught keg cooler and chlorine chemical feeder demonstrate our capabilities. The portfolio section of our website also shows examples of our work.

Are you thinking about replacing metal parts with plastic ones? Rotational molding has lower tooling costs than plastic injection molding and supports some of the same materials. Contact Gregstrom for a rotomolding quote and put the power of Made in America manufacturing to work for you.