Three Rotomolded Plastic Parts for Industrial Applications

Rotomolded Plastic Parts | polypropylene rotational molding
Rotomolded Plastic Parts | polypropylene rotational molding

Rotomolded plastic parts are replacing cast or machined metal components in an increasing number of industrial applications. Rotational molding, or rotomolding, is a plastics manufacturing process with lower tooling costs than injection molding, but with support for some of the same types of polymers. Examples of these rotational molding materials include LLDPE, HDPE, PP, and static-dissipative PE.

Metal parts are strong and durable, but they’re also heavier than rotomolded parts and subject to rust and corrosion. Plus, rotational molding supports a wide variety of shapes, sizes, textures, and colors. Many rotomolded shapes are impossible to produce by other methods, and hardware made of various materials can be molded-in for added strength and durability.

Today, rotomolded plastic parts are used for industrial applications that include manifolds, mufflers, and plastic tanks. These aren’t the only industrial applications for Gregstrom’s rotational molding services, but they demonstrate the value of our plastics manufacturing capabilities.

#1 Plastic Manifolds

Plastic manifolds are gas or fluid distribution systems that connect valves and channels. They are used to regulate flow or power machinery and equipment. Although expansion and contraction rates vary by material type, plastic manifolds can withstand different fluids and pressures. Rotational molding supports a high degree of dimensional accuracy, and rotomolded manifolds are also leak-proof.

#2 Plastic Mufflers

Plastic mufflers reduce noise from industrial equipment and machinery. In industrial environments, they’re typically used with air motors, air tools, compressors, and pneumatic valves. Unlike metal mufflers, these rotomolded plastic parts are both lightweight and corrosion-resistant. They can be molded to fit tight spaces and can feature integrated parts for simpler assembly.

#3 Plastic Tanks

Industrial applications for plastic tanks can include the storage of chemicals, fluids, liquids, and fuels. Plastic tanks are also used in the bulk handling of soaps, detergents, and cleaners. Polyethylene tanks and polypropylene tanks (poly tanks) are good choices, and the right rotational molder can help you to choose a plastic that combines strength, cost-effectiveness, and chemical resistance.

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