Medical Device Thermoforming

medical device thermoforming
medical device thermoforming

Medical device thermoforming is a fast, precise, and cost-effective way to manufacture medical cases, covers, trays, enclosures, housings, and packaging. Doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare providers need plastic thermoformed parts for various types of medical devices, instruments, and equipment. Examples include PET scanners, MET diagnostic equipment, X-ray machines, medical lasers, and CPAP machines for sleep apnea patients.

As a manufacturing method, plastic thermoforming offers important advantages over injection molding and structural foam molding. Compared to these other production techniques, custom thermoforming has lower tooling costs and faster production times. Plastic thermoforming is a good choice for multi-part projects such as medical instrument assemblies, and is especially well-suited for large plastic parts such as medical equipment housings.

Types of Medical Device Thermoforming

There are three types of plastic thermoforming services for medical applications.

  • Vacuum forming supports quick start-ups and efficient prototyping. Vacuum formed parts can be used to replace sheet metal components (such as medical trays) that require finishing operations.
  • Pressure forming creates sharp crisp lines, intricate details, textured surfaces, and formed-in undercuts. Examples of pressure formed plastics include medical laser assemblies.
  • Twin sheet thermoforming produces strong, light-weight, hollow plastic parts that are made of dissimilar materials. Twin sheet parts can include medical housings and enclosures.

Gregstrom offers all three types of thermoforming services and adds value to your medical and healthcare projects. In addition to design assistance, our plastic contract manufacturing services include CNC and robotic routing, quality assurance, and plastics finishing. Compared to most of our regional competitors, we can thermoform larger, thicker plastic sheets – up to 60” x 120” (0.40” – .400” thick).

Types of Thermoformed Medical Products

As the portfolio section of our website shows, Gregstrom’s capabilities include cases, covers, and assemblies for medical instruments, devices, and diagnostic equipment

Medical Device Thermoforming from Gregstrom

Do you need plastic thermoforming for medical applications? Gregstrom has the experience you need and is ready to answer to answer your questions. Contact us to get started.