Rotational Molding Near Boston, Massachusetts

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plastic molding | Plastic Injection Molding | Rotational Molding Near Boston | Rotational Molding Company

Are you looking for rotational molding services near Boston, Massachusetts? Do you need a plastics manufacturer that provides design assistance, help with material selection, and other value-added services? Maybe you’re looking for a rotational molder that can efficiently produce large plastic tanks, or that can supply small rotomolded plastic parts to replace metal components. For roto molding services that add value, Gregstrom Corporation has the experience and expertise that you need.

Rotational Molding Advantages

If you’re new to rotational molding, consider some of its many advantages. For example, the tooling that’s used with rotomolding costs less than the tools that are used for injection molding. Rotational molding also supports uniform walls without thinning in the extremities – a problem that’s common to many other plastics manufacturing processes. When you partner with Gregstrom, we can also review your part or product design and help you to select the right rotational molding materials for your project.

Roto Molding Services

Gregstrom’s rotational molding services are truly versatile. The Ferry Rotospeed RS-220 and RS2-3300 machines that we use let us rotomold plastic parts in a variety of colors, textures, shapes, and sizes. For example, if you need rotational molding for plastic tanks, Gregstrom can make them for you in various sizes. Uses for these rotomolded products include water or wastewater treatment; the storage of chemicals or fuels; and the bulk handling of soaps, detergents, oils, or fuels.

Value-Added Manufacturing

The value that Gregstrom provides doesn’t end with expert rotational molding. In addition to design assistance and tooling services, we provide plastic finishing, CNC and robotic routing, assembly and testing, and quality assurance. If you’re looking for an example of our work, consider this Heineken Draught Keg Cooler. Gregstrom assembled the finished display from 40 off-the-shelf hardware components, five custom-fabricated parts, and five rotomolded parts.

The Best Rotational Molding Near Boston, Massachusetts

Are you looking for rotational molding near Boston, Massachusetts? Whether you need large plastic tanks for fluid handling, plastic molding for medical devices, or rotomolded parts ranging from baby changing stations and taxi tops to ice rescue boats and 3D printer housings, Gregstrom has the design and plastics manufacturing experience that you need.

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