Rotational Molding for Plastic Tanks

Rotational Molding for Plastic Tanks
Rotational Molding for Plastic Tanks

Rotational molding for plastic tanks produces hollow plastic tanks for fluid handling and storage. Specific applications include water or wastewater treatment; the storage of fuels or chemicals; and the bulk handing of soaps, detergents, oils, or fuels. Rotational molding is also used to produce plastic tanks for the food and beverage industry. Depending on the application requirements, plastic tanks that are rotationally molded are often made of thermoplastics such as polyethylene (PE) or polypropyelene (PP).

Compared to manufacturing methods such as blow molding and injection molding, rotational molding offers important advantages. Rotomolding or rotocasting, as rotational molding is sometimes called, uses inexpensive molds and has low levels of residual stresses. Rotational molding also creates hollow objects (such as plastic tanks) in one piece, which helps to control costs. A sound product design is important, but rotational molding for plastic tanks also requires a skilled manufacturing partner.

Advantages of Rotational Molding for Plastic Tanks

For over 70 years, Gregstrom Corporation has been manufacturing plastic products that are Made in the USA. When you ask us to make your plastic tanks, we’ll use rotational molding to save you time and money. Hollow parts like these can be made in one piece with no joining or welding. Lead times for molds are relatively short, and low-volume production runs are cost-effective. Plus, there’s no material waste. Typically, all of the material that’s needed is used in making the plastic part.

Rotational molding supports multi-layer products, and different types of products can be molded together on a single machine. Importantly, inserts and high-quality graphics can be molded in. Traditional stickers and labels don’t adhere well to plastic materials and may require the use of spray adhesives. With rotational molding, however, Gregstrom can use Mold In Graphics, a permanent way to mark, decorate, brand, or label products such as plastic tanks.

Choose Plastic Tanks from Gregstrom

Gregstrom uses Ferry Rotospeed RS-220 and RS2-3300 machines to manufacture rotomolded parts like hollow plastic tanks. Each machine has offset arms, and the largest machine has up to 125” swing.  This means we can rotomold plastic tanks in a wide ranges of shapes and sizes. Rotomolding supports a wide range of colors, and features such as undercuts and multiple walls can be created. Unlike other plastic production processes, walls are uniform without thinning in the extremities.

Do you need plastic tanks for fluid handling and storage? Then learn more how Gregstrom can rotomold your tanks and provide services ranging from design assistance to plastics finishing. For more information, contact us.