Rotomolded Boat Manufacturer: Proudly Made in USA

Rotomolded Boat Manufacturer | Rotomolded Boats | Rotational Molding Services
Rotomolded Boat Manufacturer | Rotomolded Boats | Rotational Molding Services

Are you looking for an American rotomolded boat manufacturer? Gregstrom is a Made in USA rotomolder with over 75 years of plastics manufacturing experience. Since 1946, we’ve been helping designers of plastic boats and other products turn their ideas into reality. In addition to rotomolding, we offer value-added services such as design assistance, tooling, finishing, assembly and testing, and quality assurance.

Contact us if you’re looking for a U.S. rotomolded boat manufacturer or keep reading to learn more.

Why are boats made of plastic instead of wood or metal?

Boats that are made of plastic weigh less than watercraft made of wood or metal. Plus, plastic boats don’t require painting and they won’t rust. Advantages like this made it easier to transport a plastic boat with a car or truck, and without the need to tackle chipped paint or rusty metal back at the dock. Examples of plastic boats include kayaks, canoes, ice rescue craft, personal watercraft, and flat bottom fishing boats.

Why are boats rotomolded instead of injection molded?

Rotational molding is a cost-effective way to produce strong, hollow plastic parts that combine aesthetic appeal with functionality. Unlike injection molding, another popular plastics manufacturing process, rotational molding offers low tooling costs and quick tooling modifications. With rotomolding, tools range from simple two-piece sheet metal molds to multi-piece aluminum molds with articulating features.

Is rotomolding limited in size – and what about boat hardware?

Rotomolding can support small, intricate designs, but this manufacturing process is also flexible enough to produce large, complex parts and assemblies. Because there’s no pressure in the rotational molding process, hardware made of various materials can be molded-in for strength and durability. Examples included molded-in parts like cleats, deck plates, and fishing rod holders – just to name a few.

Why choose Gregstrom as your rotomolded boat manufacturer?

Gregstrom makes rotomolded boats in various sizes and has the technical expertise and application experience to add value to your marine project. Plus, unlike some other plastics manufacturers, we offer product development services from prototyping to production. At a time when so many manufacturers are reshoring operations, bring your boat building home or keep it close to home with Gregstrom.