Plastic Thermoforming for Healthcare and Transportation

Plastic Thermoforming - Heathcare - Transportation
Plastic Thermoforming - Heathcare - Transportation

Plastic thermoforming applications for healthcare and transportation help manufacturers to control costs while meeting design challenges. Learn how thermoformed parts are used in these quality-driven industries.

Thermoforming creates plastic parts and products that are durable, reliable, cost-effective, and high-quality. Thermoformed parts and products are also cosmetically appealing. They support color matching, textured tooling, tight tolerances, and sharp details. As an experienced custom thermoformer, Gregstrom Corporation serves a variety of industries, including healthcare and transportation. 

Plastic Thermoforming for Healthcare

Plastic thermoforming creates plastic parts and products such as housings for medical electronics and enclosures for medical equipment. Thermoformed parts for the healthcare industry also include bins and trays, hospital bed components, and stands and support equipment. By replacing more expensive metal components with plastic ones, thermoforming helps medical manufacturers and hospitals to control costs.

As Gregstrom’s portfolio shows, thermoforming is ideal for medical instrument case assemblies and medical instrument cases and covers. In addition to vacuum forming the base and clear cover for medical instrument case assemblies, Gregstrom assembles the latch, handle, and hinges. Vacuum formed medical instrument cases and covers are strong and lightweight, but also easy-to-clean and built for repeated use.

Plastic Thermoforming for Transportation

Plastic thermoforming creates plastic parts for cars, trucks, and sports utility vehicles (SUVs). Examples include interior and exterior panels for doors, auto bodies, and engine bays as well as bumpers, air ducts, and seat components. As Gregstrom’s portfolio shows, thermoforming is also used to produce high-quality taxi tops that are vacuum formed and digital taxi media assemblies that are produced via pressure forming.

Plastic thermoforming can also create plastic parts for the mass transit, aviation, and aerospace industries. For example, thermoforming produces durable but cost-effective plastic seats for subway cars. Additional mass transit applications include vehicle body panels, housings for light fixtures, and dashboard parts. In the aviation and aerospace industries, thermoforming applications include overhead luggage bins and ducting.

Learn More About Plastic Thermoforming

Do you need thermoformed parts or products for your healthcare or transportation application? Gregstrom uses plastic thermoforming to form large, thick plastic sheets into parts and products you can depend on. We support sheet sizes up to 60” x 120” (.040”-.500” thick) and have twin sheet forming capabilities.

To learn more about the benefits of custom thermoforming, contact Gregstrom today.