Plastic Thermoforming, Reshoring, and Medical Device Manufacturing

Made in USA - Plastic Thermoforming
Made in USA - Plastic Thermoforming

Are you thinking about reshoring your medical device manufacturing operations? Learn how plastic thermoforming from Gregstrom ensures part quality and protects intellectual property.

Did you know that medical device manufacturing is one of the top 10 industries that’s reshoring work back to the United States? In a recent article for Medical Design Technology (MDT) magazine, a leading expert on reshoring explains why this is happening. Harry Moser, founder and president of the Reshoring Initiative, doesn’t just crunch the numbers. He shares what medical device makers and their suppliers need to know.

As Harry Moser explains, the MDT Survey revealed that 72% of medical device manufacturers are concerned about part quality from offshore suppliers. That’s not all. Nearly 80% of medical device makers are worried about protecting their intellectual property (IP) when parts are made offshore. Compared to other industries then, medical device manufacturers are even more concerned about IP protection.

Made in USA Plastic Contract Manufacturing

Are you a medical device manufacturer that’s thinking about reshoring operations? Are you seeking suppliers who will protect your IP and deliver high-quality products that meet all of your requirements? If you need plastic parts and assemblies, don’t just look at injection molding. Plastic thermoforming offers important advantages, as this recent series of blog entries from Gregstrom explains.

For nearly 70 years, Gregstrom Corporation has been building lasting relationships with innovative companies. As a third-generation, family-owned business, our American-owned firm has built its reputation on quality, service, and continuous improvement. Here at our 60,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Woburn, Massachusetts, we’re close to Boston and near the Bay State’s Route 128 high-tech corridor.

Plastic Thermoforming for Medical Device Manufacturers

Gregstrom uses heavy-gauge thermoforming to turn thick, large plastic sheets into parts and products that medical device manufacturers can depend on. With sheet sizes that are larger than most of our regional competitors can handle, plastic thermoforming from Gregstrom is both cost-effective and diverse. Ask us about our color-matching and textured tooling, and how thermoforming eliminates parts painting.

Quality assurance from Gregstrom means plastic parts that meet your precise specifications and a manufacturing partner you can count on. To ensure part quality, Gregstgrom uses gauges, meters, and portable instruments for inspection and measurement. To earn your trust, we consistently demonstrate our commitment. From protecting your IP to meeting your sales forecasts, we value long-term relationships.

Examine the Medical Laser Assembly – and Contact Us

Need more proof of Gregstrom’s plastic thermoforming services? Then check out this medical laser assembly. It consists of four pressure formed parts and internal sheet metal components. Female cast-aluminum tooling for 3 of the 4 plastic parts is acid etched with a Mold-Tech finish. This eliminates the need for paint, which reduces part costs and eliminates concerns about paint chipping.

Would you like to learn more about plastic thermoforming for medical device manufacturing? Gregstrom provides rotational molding and finishing services, too. For more information, contact us.