Rotomolded Cooler Manufacturer Case Study

rotomolded coolers | rotomolded cooler manufacturer | benefits of rotational molding | reinforcing ribs
rotomolded coolers | rotomolded cooler manufacturer | benefits of rotational molding | reinforcing ribs

Are you looking for a rotomolded cooler manufacturer? Then consider this case study from Gregstrom Corporation, a rotational molder with value-added services. Gregstrom produced a functional and attractive point-of-purchase display (POP) that keeps beer cold, captures consumer interest, and shares the shape, color, and texture of Heineken’s 5-liter draught keg.

Rotational Molding That Adds Value

Gregstrom is a rotomolded cooler manufacturer that adds value through assembly, testing, shipping, and other services. The Heineken draught cooler consisted of 40 off-the-shelf components, five custom-fabricated components, and five rotomolded plastic parts. At our manufacturing facility near Boston, Massachusetts, we also packaged and shipped these POP displays directly to Heineken distributors.

To complete this project, Gregstrom overcame several challenges. To hide any parting lines, the main part of the unit required a six-piece mold. Then, to achieve the look of the aluminum that’s used in Heineken’s 5-liter draught keg, the POP display was molded from a specially-formulated LLDPE material with a silver-metallic effect. Functionally, the refrigeration unit needed to hold 250 pounds of ice cold beverages.

The challenges didn’t stop there. To form the top handle lever and the silver spout, we attached three separate rotomolded parts to each other and to the keg itself. Like the POP display assembly as a whole, this subassembly needed to conceal all of the hardware and any parting or witness lines. Throughout this project, Gregstrom’s rotational molding services met both cosmetic and functional requirements.

Experienced Rotomolded Cooler Manufacturer

Gregstrom Corporation is proud of this project and how it showcases our complete capabilities as a rotomolded cooler manufacturer that adds value to projects. As a plastics manufacturing processes, rotational molding offers advantages like faster and less expensive tooling, uniform walls without thinning in the extremities, and support for a wide range of materials and part shapes, sizes, colors, and textures.

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