Rotomolded Parts: How to Finish Strong

rotomolded parts | Plastic Routing Services
rotomolded parts | Plastic Routing Services

Rotomolded parts support secondary manufacturing processes such as routing, welding, and foam filling. Gregstrom Corporation, a Made in America manufacturer near Boston, Massachusetts, uses rotational molding to produce strong, hollow plastic parts and offers CNC and robotic routing, spin welding, and polyurethane foam filling for plastics finishing.

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CNC and Robotic Routing

After your parts are rotomolded, Gregstrom can use its five-axis CNC machine or six-axis industrial robot to trim them to their final dimensions. This computer-controlled equipment is fast, accurate, repeatable, and dependable. Plus, unlike manual finishing, CNC and robotic routing is consistent. Whether your job runs on a Monday morning, a Friday afternoon, and anytime in-between, you’ll get great results.

Spin Welding

Gregstrom can use spin welding to install leak-free fittings and ports in plastic tanks. After a hole is drilled and a plastic fitting is inserted, a tool spins at a high rate of speed until melting or fusing occurs. This plastic welding process is often used with waste or water tanks but can also be used in medical and water treatment applications.

Polyurethane Foam Filling for Rotomolded Parts

Gregstrom also has the equipment and expertise to fill your custom rotomolded parts with polyurethane foam, which provides additional rigidity and thermal insulation. Because rotomolded parts have hollow cavities, their design is optimal for polyurethane foam filling. Applications include beverage coolers. So, when it’s time for your next plastics project, ask Gregstrom for rotomolded parts that let you finish strong.