Saving Lives with Rotational Molding That Adds Value

emergency responders | Rescue Ready
emergency responders | Rescue Ready

First responders need to be ready for anything. That’s why they need the right equipment. For innovative companies who supply the responder community, finding the right manufacturing partner is also mission-critical. When lives are at stake, equipment failure isn’t an option. Gear that’s not strong enough, tough enough, or that takes too long to deploy can have life-or-death consequences.

RESCUE-READY: Immediate Response for Ice Rescue

RESCUE-READY, an innovative supplier of an ice-rescue pontoon platform, needed a manufacturer that could mold plastic and more. The Spencer, Massachusetts company also wanted design assistance. That’s why RESCUE-READY choose Gregstrom, a third-generation, family-owned business in Woburn, Massachusetts that provides value-added rotational molding.

RESCUE-READY’s immediately-deployable pontoon platform allows first responders to walk, run, or paddle out onto thin ice where a victim has fallen-through the surface into frigid waters. The device’s innovative design enables rescuers to safely approach, harness, and retrieve the victim – and then hoist the person upon the craft for a rapid return to shore with a tethered rescue rope.

Unlike some other types of responder equipment, RESCUE-READY doesn’t require field assembly – a key consideration when minutes matters because lives are on the line. The patented device measures 48” x 84”, a size that’s easy-to-move in a pickup truck, SUV, or rescue department vehicle. At 80 lbs., RESCUE-READY is also light enough for a single responder to carry.

Gregstrom Corporation: Rotational Molding and More

As a value-added rotational molder, Gregstrom Corporation was uniquely-suited to help RESCUE-READY optimize its patented design. During the project’s initial stages, Gregstrom sourced a strong, lightweight plastic that could withstand cold temperatures and immersion in water while supporting the craft’s 660 lb. capacity and 22,000 sq. in. weight distribution.

During manufacturing, rotational molding produced textured surfaces and supported the use of high-visibility colors. With the RESCUE-READY craft, textured footings on pontoon surfaces provide slip resistance. Mold-in-Graphics for clear, attractive labeling complement red and white rotomolded parts that are easy-to-see when a responder leaves shore.

Rotational molding also produces hand grips for easy lifting on the craft’s underside. These features are important, but RESCUE-READY needed more than well-molded plastic. That’s why as a value-added manufacturer, Gregstrom delivered a product that supported the efficient assembly of built-in rescue rope bag pockets along with an integrated victim rescue harness and paddle mount.

Choose Value-Added Rotomolding From Gregstrom

Innovative suppliers to the responder community need manufacturing partners who will give it their all. For high-quality rotational molding plus value-added services, prepare to succeed like RESCUE-READY and contact Gregstrom.