Heavy Gauge Thermoforming for Plastic Products

Heavy Gauge Thermoforming
Heavy Gauge Thermoforming

Heavy gauge thermoforming from Gregstrom Corporation turns large, thick plastic sheets into high-quality plastic products. These strong plastic parts can withstand high levels of stress and are sometimes used as permanent structural components. Heavy gauge thermoforming also supports assemblies of multiple parts and offers lower tooling costs than injection molding.

The advantages of heavy gauge thermoforming don’t end there. Thermoformed parts don’t exhibit the porosity, sink/gate marks, and other undesirable surface conditions that are common to other plastics production processes. Instead, plastic thermoforming provides a blemish-free finish along with fine details. Textured tooling and plastic sheets in custom colors eliminate the need for parts painting, too.

Heavy Gauge Thermoforming Materials and Applications

Heavy gauge thermoforming at Gregstrom supports the use of a wide variety of materials. Examples include ABS, acrylic/PVC, HIPS, HDPE, LDPE, PP, PETG and polycarbonate. Our portfolio of thermoformed products includes pallets, totes, bins, housings and enclosures. Heavy gauge thermoforming can also produce decorative signage for indoor or outdoor use.

With their strength and durability, heavy gauge thermoforming can even produce parts for vehicles. For example, thermoformed parts for heavy trucks include fender wells, bumpers, and interior trim. With construction equipment, heavy gauge thermoforming is used to produce engine covers and cabin interiors. Tractors use thermoformed parts for cowlings and fenders.

Heavy Gauge Thermoforming and Value-Added Manufacturing

Gregstrom’s heavy gauge thermoforming equipment includes three- and four-station rotaries. One of these twin sheet thermoforming machines can hold multiple plastic sheets and is especially fast and cost-effective for higher-volume runs. Twin sheet thermoforming heats two plastic sheets simultaneously. Vacuum pressure draws each sheet to separate tools which then fuse together via high pressure.

Heavy gauge thermoforming at Gregstrom supports sheet sizes up to 60” x 120” (.040”-.500” thick). That’s larger than most of our regional competitors can handle – and the advantages don’t end there. As a value-added manufacturer, Gregstgrom offers services such as design assistance, tooling, CNC and robotic routing, and assembly and testing. When it’s time for your next plastics project, contact Gregstrom.