Rotational Molding Products for Material Handling

rotational molding products
rotational molding products

Rotational molding products for material handling include plastic chemical feeders and chemical feeder assemblies, power chemical dispensers, tanks, bins, and pallets. As a manufacturing process, rotational molding is ideal for creating strong but hollow plastic parts that have low tooling costs. At Gregstrom Corporation, rotomolding also supports value-added services like product assembly and testing.

Chemical Feeders

Chemical feeders prepare and automatically dispense the chlorine that used to disinfect water systems. As this featured project shows, Gregstrom manufactured an integrated unit from six rotomolded parts, one vacuum formed part, and 160 other components. All of the wetted components were made from NSF approved materials. Testing was performed to plumbing and electrical safety standards.

Chemical Feeder Assemblies

Rotomolding also supports the production of chemical feeder assemblies for pool filters and pumps. These rotational molding products for material handling can impart chemical resistance and withstand repeated cycles. Moreover, because there’s no pressure in the rotational molding process, hardware can be molded-in for strength and durability.

Powder Chemical Dispensers

Powder chemical dispensers mix, handle, and distribute precise, pre-measured quantities of chemicals such as chlorine. These rotational molding products have uniform walls without the thinning in the extremities that’s common to other plastics manufacturing processes. Plus, rotomolding supports a wide variety of surface textures and colors.

Plastic Tanks

Plastic tanks are used to store a variety of liquids. Applications include water or wastewater treatment and the storage of chemicals, fluids, or beverages. Rotomolded tanks are also used in the bulk handling of soaps, detergents, oils, and fuels. These rotational molding products require strong walls and are often made of plastics like polypropylene and polyethylene.

Plastic Bins and Pallets

Rotomolded bins and pallets hold bulk materials and are used in warehouses, distribution centers, and industrial facilities. These rotational molding products for material handling can also support stackable or nestable designs for more efficient storage and transportation. At Gregstrom Corporation, rotational molding for plastic bins and pallets can include features like undercuts and multiple walls.

More Rotational Molding Products from Gregstrom

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