Four Reasons Why Santa’s Sleigh is Rotomolded

santa's new sleigh
santa's new sleigh

Some people say that Santa’s sleigh is made of wood or metal. That may have been true at one time, but Santa Claus uses a rotomolded sleigh today. Rotational molding, a plastic manufacturing process, wasn’t around when St. Nick got his start back in 270 A.D. Today, however, rotomolded parts are replacing metal ones in all kinds of applications. Plastic products beat wooden ones, too.

Why would Santa prefer polymers, you ask? For starters, plastic parts are lighter. Santa’s reindeer may be magical, but it’s better to have a lighter load when you have to carry all those presents (and Santa) around the world. Rotomolded plastics are also durable, weather-resistant, and water-resistant. By comparison, metal can rust and wood can rot. Rotomolded plastics don’t require painting either.

Here are four more reasons why Santa’s sleigh is rotomolded.

Colors and Surface Textures

Rotational molding supports a wide variety of colors and textures. That means Santa’s sleigh can have plastics that come in red and green. The front seat and storage area can have a smooth surface finish while the runners incorporate a textured, anti-slip surface where Santa can stand.

Support for Challenging Shapes

Rotomolding can achieve shapes that can’t be obtained by other methods. This includes the rounded corners and curved lines that give Santa’s sleigh its distinctive look. As a rule, the ideal design for any rotomolded part is a hollow shape where the design elements are blended smoothly.

Strength and Durability

Compared to other plastics manufacturing processes, rotational molding services support uniform walls without thinning in the extremities. Rotomolded parts can also be filled with polyurethane foam for added strength. Polypropylene, a durable plastic, is good sleigh material because it resists cold temperatures.

Molded-In Hardware and Graphics for Santa’s Sleigh

Finally, rotational molding supports both molded-in hardware and graphics. That means the reins that run through the front of Santa’s sleigh can incorporate metal grommets or eyelets. Santa’s ride can also use molded-in graphics for identification – just in case anyone ever confuses him with the elves.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this seasonal look at rotational molding and wish you the happiest of holidays. Please note that Gregstrom Corporation is closed on December 24 and 25 in observance of Christmas, and on January 1, 2019 for New Year’s Day.