Rotomolded Products and Value-Added Manufacturing

Rotomolded Products
Rotomolded Products

Rotomolded products come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. With its low tooling costs and quick tooling modifications, rotational molding can be used to prototype a higher-volume, more expensive tooling process like blow molding. Rotomolding also supports molded-in hardware, polyurethane foam filling, and uniform walls without thinning in the extremities. The advantages of this plastics manufacturing process don’t end there either.

Gregstrom Corporation, a rotational molder and thermoformer with over 70 years of experience, makes rotomolded products that range from small, intricate designs to large, complex parts and assemblies. As a third-generation, family-owned business, we’re proud to provide value-added services like design assistance, tooling, assembly and testing, quality assurance, CNC and robotic routing, and parts finishing.

If you’re looking for a rotomolder that’s a manufacturing partner instead of just a parts provider, we invite you to consider the following case studies.

Chemical Feeder Case Study

Chemical feeders are rotomolded products that prepare and dispense the chlorine that’s used to disinfect municipal and commercial water systems. For this project, Gregstrom produced an integrated unit from six rotomolded parts, a vacuum formed part, and 160 other components. The rotomolded lid and hopper incorporate molded-in graphics. The rotomolded pallet holds the rotomolded hopper and attaches through molded-in inserts.

Gregstrom adds value to this project by purchasing, testing, and assembling all of the injection molded, blow molded, electrical, and plumbing components. We also perform testing to plumbing and electrical standards. Plus, our assembly services provide a cost-effective alternative to shipping individual parts. If you need value-added rotational molding like this, contact Gregstrom.

POP Display Case Study

Heineken draught keg coolers are point-of-purchase (POP) displays that replicate the look of the Dutch brewer’s 5-liter metal beer keg. For this project, Gregstrom rotomolded five parts and assembled a finished display that included 40-off-the-shelf hardware components. Our value-added services included assembly, testing, and shipping.

Rotomolding the POP display meant overcoming several cosmetic challenges. To hide any parting lines, the main part of the unit required a six-piece mold. To achieve the look of the aluminum that’s used in Heineken’s 5-liter draught keg, the POP display was rotomolded from a specially-formulated, silver-metallic effect LLDPE material.

Gregstrom also overcame several functional challenges. To support attachments without secondary hardware, the top ring was made from a six-piece mold with four removable pieces. To form the top handle lever and the silver spout, three separate rotomolded parts were attached to each other and to the keg itself. If you need value-added rotomolding like this, contact Gregstrom.