Thermoforming Services

Gregstrom’s plastics blog is the place to learn more about custom rotational molding, heavy-gauge thermoforming, and a full range of assembly and testing services that adds value to your plastics projects.

Gregstrom’s rotomolding and thermoforming blog is where you’ll find expert advice and technical information about the the production of high-quality plastic parts. Topics in our plastics industry blog include custom rotational molding and heavy-gauge thermoforming. Additional blog topics from Gregstrom Corporation include design assistance, tooling services, CNC and robotic routing, assembly and testing, and finishing and quality assurance. What additional information or resources would you like to read about in Gregstrom’s plastics blog? Contact us.

Thermoforming Advantages

Thermoforming advantages come from producing high-quality parts from plastic sheets in a range of sizes and thicknesses. Depending on the…

Plastic Pressure Forming

Plastic pressure forming creates parts with clean lines, tight corners, textured surfaces, and other fine details. Learn more about this…

How Vacuum Forming Works

Vacuum forming creates cost-effective plastic parts that support quick-startups and efficient prototyping. Learn how this type of plastic thermoforming works.…