Rotational Molding Applications That May Surprise You

Rotational Molding Applications
Rotational Molding Applications

Rotational molding applications aren’t limited to a single industry or even to a handful of industries. There are plenty of industrial and medical applications for rotomolding, but this plastics manufacturing process is also used in some ways that may surprise you. In a recent YouTube video, the Affiliation of Rotational Moulding Organisations (ARMO), a U.K. based organization with international affiliates, showcases some of these rotational molding applications. Here are a few along with some links to projects by Gregstrom.

Recreation and Transportation

From mass markets to niche products, rotational molding supports applications ranging from recreation to transportation. Examples include plastic boats for a day at the lake to rotationally-molded watercraft for ice rescues. Rotomolding is also used in fun but distinctive designs like the oversized, light-up swings near the Boston Convention Center. Kids may not like shopping, but they enjoy plastic shopping cart accessories that look like trucks and firetrucks.

Gardening and Lighting

Rotational molding applications include plastic housings for lawn and garden equipment. Metal housings and metal parts like lawn mower chutes cost more to produce and can rust. By contrast, plastic components are cost-effective and rust-free. Rotomolded plastics can also withstand routine impacts and a range of temperatures and weather conditions. The lighting industry is full of bright ideas, but some of the brightest involve using rotomolded lighting housings for architectural designs.

POP Displays and Point-of-Care

Some people associate rotational molding applications with bulk storage and material handling. Others know that rotomolding is great for the plastic ducts in HVAC systems. What may surprise them, however, is how rotomolding applications also include point-of-purchase (POP) displays for beverages like coffee and beer. Point-of-care (POC) applications use rotomolded products, too. Examples range from plastic spine boards to plastic baby changing stations.

Rotational Molding Applications and Your Plastics Project

Rotational molding isn’t just for industrial and medical applications. But is it right for your next plastics project? Ask the experts at Gregstrom Corporation for advice. With our value-added services, we can also provide the design assistance, tooling, finishing, assembly and testing, and quality assurance that you need. To learn more, contact us.